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Vertex Technology
Bring your business to the new technological level!
ERP implementation, flaw detection, PPE control, automatic sorting lines, robotization
About us
«Vertex Technology»
System integrator who performs a wide range of tasks. We offer our clients advanced and science-intensive technologies: complex automation of any scale businesses, custom software development (incl. based on 1C platform), consulting, and implementation of complex information systems.
Vertex Technology offers services for the development and creation of custom-made software for businesses.
Values and mission
Increase Customer's business efficiency and help them reach new heights in technology.
Work principles
We appreciate trust-based relations with our Partners, Customers and Employees, keeping them updated on the actual state of affairs and possible risks.
It is important for us to find the best solution for your business task. If we understand that someone can fulfill your request more efficiently, we will recommend you another company.
Complex approach
We apply a complex and comprehensive approach to solving the task, immersing ourselves in the existing business processes of the Customer.
We encourage the development and training of our Employees, which allows us to always stay at the technological forefront.
Lean Startup / Agile
We abide by a culture of low-cost, fast-paced, startup-style experimentation that continually increases the effectiveness of our approach.
Custom development
  • Mobile app development
  • Mobile Application Support and Improvement
  • Development of sites, web services
  • MVP, design and engineering, UX/UI design
  • IT Solutions Consulting
  • Telegram bots development
  • Bitrix24 implementation
Retail automation
  • Cash zone and trading floor automation
  • Warehouse/Distribution Center/Dark store automation
  • Automation of logistics and delivery to stores
  • Loyalty System automation
  • Native cash register software, self-service terminals, "smart" carts, scales, mini markets, locks, etc.
1С development and implementation
  • 1C custom/project development
  • 1C integration with third-party systems
  • 1С implementation, support and maintenance
  • 1С:WMS implementation
  • 1С:ERP implementation
Computer Vision and AI-integrated systems
  • Cashier-less store implementation
  • Fraud detection
  • Face recognition systems
  • PPE control
  • Flaw detection
  • Automatic sorting lines
Big Data, Machine learning, Data science

  • Machine learning
  • Deep Learning
  • NLP
  • Including such projects as:
  • Automation system and business process audit
  • Work optimization consulting
  • Hardware and software selection
  • Training and support
delivery time forecasting / recommender system / categorization in the hotline / product distribution analytics
Our technologies
KASYAN St., 8, apt. 32, Arabkir 033, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
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